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1 Why Is it Used?

ALPRAZOLAM :Adult: PO Anxiety 0.25-0.5 mg multiple times/day, may increment to 3-4 mg/day if necessary. Fits of anxiety Up to 10 mg/day.

2 What are the Side Effects?

ALPRAZOLAM: Psychological and physical reliance, withdrawal disorder; laziness, sedation, vertigo, cerebral pain, visual aggravations, GI unsettling influences, jaundice; weariness, muscle shortcoming, ataxia, unsteadiness, disarray, and despondency. Conceivably Fatal: Blood dyscrasias.

3 What Precautions ought to be taken?

ALPRAZOLAM: Dosage decrease or slow withdrawal. Reliance. Geriatric or incapacitated patients. Muscle shortcoming, impeded hepatic or renal capacity; arteriosclerosis; corpulence; discouragement especially self-destructive inclination; perpetual pneumonic deficiency. May weaken the capacity to drive or work hardware. Kids <18 yr.

4 Do does not take this if you have any of the beneath …

ALPRAZOLAM: Acute restricted edge glaucoma, prior CNS sadness or extreme lethargies, resp misery, intense pneumonic inadequacy or rest apnoea; serious hepatic impedance; pregnancy, lactation.

5 Interaction with different meds…

ALPRAZOLAM: Potentiates activity of liquor and CNS depressants. Diminished conc with cigarette smoking by half. Possibly Fatal: Cimetidine and fluoxetine diminish the freedom of alprazolam. Alprazolam upgrades movement of imipramine and desipramine.

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